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     This indicates both pairs have polarizing filters. The image should be at the darkest if the testglasses are offset by 90 degrees relative to the other pair.
This test works because the polarizing filters sift through all light that is not polarized horizontally to the lens. The glasses being tested are offset from the reference.   

    The polarizing filter blocks most of the light passing through the first pair, causing the image to darken.
No polarized sunglasses to use as a reference? Note if there is no noticeable darkening even at the 90-degree offset angle. If so, the test sunglasses do not have a polarizing filter.

    This test relies on the underlying physics of light polarization, so its results are absolute. However, the darkening might not be noticeable under low light conditions.
This test works best in brightly lit areas. There' s a similar method to determine if you have polarized lenses. This time, you will need a mirror or another highly reflective surface.
Make sure to have a flashlight or any other source of glare.This technique works because any reflection tends to create polarized light.

    This test is subjective. Regardless, it gives you a great way to assess your sunglasses from removing glare in real-life scenarios.If you don' t mind spending some money, you
can also opt to buy polarization test cards. These cards have a specialized surface that reflects polarized light.They allow light to interact with the polarization filter in your sunglasses.
You either see the indicator, or you don' t. You can then tell if your test sunglasses have a polarization filter.But, most will show a specialized pattern only when you view them through
a polarized lens. With the naked eye or non-polarized eyewear, you won' t see the pattern.

Entrance on Hawthorne  View from First Street View from Hawthorne


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